Genre (P.O.P.)

On Friday 17TH March 2017, The School had organized Genre ’17- Parents Orientation Programme for welcoming the new parents.

The auditorium came alive with the mesmerizing performance of our talented buddies when they danced to the Punjabi beats.

The highlight of the programme was the Cinderella’s enchanting play ant the nukkad natak and the icing on the cake was the Parents Fashion show which made memories in the heart of the parents which will last for a lifetime.

Our Toppers

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Special classes for dyslexic and physically challenged children

We extend equal opportunities to all.There is a percentage of dyslexic children in our school who are accorded special touch of understanding and patient teaching.The special touch of almost parental affection helps them to do well and gain confidence.

Personality Development

The aura surrounding a student can create a very strong ‘first impression’.So we help to boost the confidence of the student by giving them guidance to built up an all round personality and strong character.The moral values are highlighted and the students become ideal ones to become leaders of coming era.

personality development

Verve 2017

Delhi Public School , Kalyanpur- Pre Primary wing organised the Annual Concert VERVE-17 on 30th November , Thursday with the theme " Seven Wonders of the World"
The Programme started with  Vandana Dance ( Shubham Karoti Kalyanam) which was done by the prep girls and sung by our Principal Mam , Maam Archana Nigam.
The Programme came forward with the soulful rendition by the choir sung by Vedant Trivedi and Ananya Gupta.Parents could not stop applauding when they heard Pragya Saxena , a 5 Year old child comparing effortlessly. All the various dances were based on the Seven countries and the highlight of the programme was the mesmerizing Brazilian dance and the icing on the cake was the special dance by Vrindika Chaturvedi and Pratyush Narayan.
Everybody enjoyed journeying through the diversities of various countries.