Delhi Public School , kalyanpur-Pre Primary wing organised the Annual Concert VERVE-18 on 3rd November, Saturday with the theme of "Olympics".

The Programme started with a classical patriotic dance along with a live song presentation by the prep students.

The Programme came forward with the soulful rendition by the choir students. Parents could not stop applauding when they heard Siddhi Thakery, Kiyana Jashnani and Rakshita Tripathi- 5 year old children comparing effortlessly.
All the various dances were based on the five continents.The icing on the cake was the special dance by Siddhi Thakery,Umra Zareen,Yug Singh,Nihal M.S Arora and Sakshra Srivastava.

A beautiful video presentation depicting the spirit of Patriotism with the song sung by our Principal Ma'am, Ma'am Archana Nigam.

Everybody enjoyed journeying through the diversities of various continents.